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It’s January in California and my Mom’s garden is full of flowers. I figured it was a perfect time to dust off my macro lens. I forgot how much fun it is to do macros.

Today I had my first session outside of San Diego County. I not only got to try out a new location, but I was also meeting up with an old friend. It was fun to see her again after all these years and meet her son and husband. She warned me it might be difficult to get smiles, but we managed to sneak in a few. :) Doesn’t this kiddo have an adorable smile?

I finally had the chance to take pictures of my buddies Tyler and Ian. They were so cute interacting with one another and so cooperative. For fun, here is a picture of Tyler and my son Ethan as itty bitty babies.

Old photo earns funky processing.

And 3.5 years later….

Ethan was playing photographer with me and Adam was in need of a nap, so we had to find a willing subject. Oskar wasn’t willing, but was eager to work for food. It’s long overdue that my pooch had his closeup. I snuck in a couple pictures of Ethan claiming I was testing the light. :)

I had the chance to try out a new location with the M family. Kaitlyn, the almost four year old, was directing the shoot. She scouted out locations and informed me of who I would be taking pictures of next. Her little brother was such a trooper through the session even though he was in desperate need of a nap.