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This afternoon I got to meet four adorable cousins. I haven’t had the opportunity to work with a lot of older children and it was such a fun experience! J and H were so fun to talk to and didn’t run away from me once. :) However I do love the challenge of getting smiles and eye contact from the little ones. When you get those fun expressions from the little ones it’s such a feeling of accomplishment. And my helper, little J and I bonded over T-Rexes and Dinosaur Train. I hope Grandma enjoys her Mother’s Day present!
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Little Brenden is nearly walking, very curious, and just turned 1! What better way to celebrate a first birthday than stuffing yourself with cake, peeing on the floor, and playing peek-a-boo with Mom? B didn’t want Mom to go too far, and I’m sure would have preferred to have her in every picture. Luckily I was able to get the jaws of life to pry them apart and get pictures of the big boy. Once the cake came I’m not sure he knew or cared where Mom was. He was face down and on a mission!
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Here is the long awaited cake smash! The smiles came out when Miss Katherine got her cake. I’m really impressed with how clean her outfit stayed. Her face, fingers and toes, well that’s another story. After a nice hose down she was good as new. I’m kind of doubtful she took that afternoon nap since she devoured that entire cake! I hope you had a great birthday Katherine!
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He’s only eight pounds, but baby R’s newborn session was the most physically demanding session I’ve had yet. It started off with some redecorating. Actually all the furniture in his living room was moved to the kitchen to set up my studio. It was quite a feat, but we got a nice little setup for R and he settled right to sleep.
Big brother was so interested to watch his new baby brother and was kind enough to point out to me that he needed some clothes. Perhaps I should have listened because during a pose with Mom, baby R had quite an impressive stream of pee that arced all the way to the edge of the room. Then he exploded on Dad’s nice shirt, but he kept most of my blankets clean which was a welcome surprise.
Then after I restored their living room I got home to discover I had bruised my knees and the tops of my feet from kneeling on the floor. I didn’t feel a thing during the session, but now I match my own boys who are all roughed up from being…well boys!
Bruises, heavy lifting, it’s all worth it for this…
(And check out this to see the rest of the sneak peek.)
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Just a quick sneak peek of my session with baby R today. A couple more to come tomorrow with details about his modeling debut. :)

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