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Today we took the kids out to an indoor rock climbing gym since Uncle Matt, rock climber extraordinaire, was in town. I used to be really into rock climbing….oh six years ago. I used to be able to climb 5.11s, but today I conquered a 5.7 and a 5.9 and my forearms were tight, fingers sore, legs shakey, and body tired. It sucks getting old. My four year old traversed walls, top roped, bouldered, attempted some dynos, ran around in circles, and then spent two hours at a friend’s birthday party. I was ready for bed at 7pm and I think my toenails are going to fall off.

Photograph of a child top rop climbing at an indoor rock climbing gym
Photo of a child bouldering at an indoor rock climbing gym
Photography of a child rock climbing

My poor little two year old didn’t get to top rope and he really really wanted to. I think the holds were just too out of his reach, and routes a bit longer than his attention span. The woman at the front desk was so kind and offered him a pair of shoes to feel a part of the experience. He was so excited to put them on! He did enjoy some bouldering and really loved watching his brother climb.
Photo of a child in rock climbing shoes

And here is one of Uncle Matt:Photo of a rock climber

So this is a double whammy birthday session. I got a Fisheye lens for my birthday earlier this month, and this little guy just turned 2. After some more traditional birthday portraits, I got a chance to have some fun with my fisheye. I just love the new perspective and the different look. I can’t wait to try it with a family. Happy Birthday little A!

little San Diego boy sitting on the ground by water
little boy sitting by the water in San Diego smiling
close up of San Diego boy by the water

I just love photographing families outdoors. There is so much variety in San Diego! The last time I photographed this family little B had hardly any hair. Now he looks so grown up!

Family outside by water in San Diego

Just a couple from tonight. I love the backlight!

engaged couple in San Diego hills
close up of a couple nearing sunset in San Diego foothills

For my birthday I wanted to go scouting out new locations. Last time I did an urban session was downtown and it was so much fun!! So I decided to take my boys out for an “urban” session. Unfortunately I didn’t get to capture what I envisioned. I would say stand and they would sit. I would ask them to stand over there, and they would turn around. My two year old just loves saying no all the time and pouting. It’s his new thing and I can’t wait for the phase to pass!

As for my location scouting, we didn’t find much because we got hungry and decided to stop for a birthday lunch and then went home for a birthday nap. A good consolation prize for sure.

children in San Diego on skateboard
black and white photo of san diego child
San Diego kids sitting on skateboard outdoors