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My inlaws have a long time tradition of going camping for Thanksgiving. They drive for hours and hours out into the middle of nowhere…you know where you can’t get cell reception, internet, and other basic necessities of life. Then they spend the day preparing a full on Thanksgiving feast with family and friends. The catch is, the turkeys aren’t cooked in an oven, they are buried in the ground around hot coals! And this year we joined them so I have documentation in case you don’t believe me.

It all starts the night before when the fire is started to make the coals. Then bright and early a hole is dug, some of the coals are removed, and the carefully wrapped turkeys are placed inside and covered with more coals and wood.
Photos of people cooking
Then after waiting hours and hours, the turkeys are dug out and carefully unwrapped.
Photos of San Diego families cooking
A crowd appears. Take note that the early photos don’t have much of a crowd…because they are smart and sleeping. The juices are carefully extracted to make gravy and the bones are removed from the turkeys. The crowd hovers around the table to sneak bites of the warm from the ground, juicy delicious turkey.
San Diego families on Thanksgiving
And finally it’s time to eat. A feast so big this year that we had to sacrifice tables and just eat at our chairs…on paper plates. It’s not fancy, but it’s darn good and fun!!
Thanksgiving feast in the desert
I’ll share some more pictures of what we did out there.

Not only do I love taking pictures of my clients, but I also love creating products. It’s one thing to have great images of your family in digital format, but it’s a whole other level when you have them in print. I personally find that I don’t really look at my digital images, so I’m making an effort to print more storyboards and portraits of my family to hang in my home. I encourage my clients to do the same because it’s really something you can enjoy as the years pass. New photographs can be added to the wall which makes for a great display as well as walk down memory lane.

This is my source of inspiration for how to hang photographs in my home. Not only are the great looking, but they are fairly simple and inexpensive to do. This is the last article I wanted to share which might give you some ideas for displaying your photos.

There are so many great products out there whether you are looking for traditional framed prints, sleek modern wraps, timeless gallery wrapped canvas, photo handbags, keepsake boxes, standouts, or a combination of any or all of them.

Instead of the shoe box full of pictures our parents had, we are now collecting cds or filling up hard drives. I say it’s time to get busy printing and hanging those pictures for friends and family to enjoy. Make your photos into art for your home.

I’ll leave you one of my latest displays in my house. I picked a few different pictures of my boys, and to unify them I converted them all to black and white. I love the pinwheel formation. Next time I’ll share some storyboard ideas.

An example of how to frame and display professional photographs

So glad we had the H family’s session tonight. Even though it was a little chilly and a little muddy, the kids were so great and the light was just awesome. As I was downloading the photos, this one made me just laugh out loud. The expression on the girls’ faces is just priceless! Not to worry, I also have a photo of the kids that’s more smiles and less crying.

San Diego Holiday Photos photographer

San Diego has been getting a lot more rain this year which is good, but unfortunately that means I have to reschedule sessions. Suddenly I have a whole weekend free with nothing to do. I spent my afternoon today helping a friend photograph some newborn twins. It was so much fun and just adorable posing two cuddly siblings.

When I got home it was still raining and my kids were getting stir crazy. Since I’m weak and impatient I busted out one of their Christmas presents early. I can’t think of anything better to do on a rainy day than run outside and play in the puddles…so that is what we did in their new rainboots!

Pictures of a San Diego boy playing in the rain with his rainboots
Children's shoes
San Diego child playing in the rain with his rainboots

I love ready to hang products. I know it’s a lot of work to print a photograph, buy a frame, and put it all together. This is why I love offering products like gallery wrapped canvas, modern wraps, and standouts. Standouts are lightweight, come with holes in the back so it’s ready to hang or display on an easel. Standouts are great for storyboards or enlargements.