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I love cameras! I love pictures! So I’m really excited about my Christmas presents… a point and shoot Canon and a Droid cell phone. I’ve been snapping away and bombarding my friends on facebook with nearly minute by minute photos of my day. While I absolutely love my digital SLR, sometimes it’s not convenient to take it along. However after seeing the quality of pictures from my cell phone I’m realizing I shouldn’t get too lazy about leaving my dslr behind. So here is my life for about the last two weeks via my cell phone camera. Happy New Year!

pictures of my holiday in San Diego

I’m so excited for the holidays! I love checking out all the holiday lights, decorating the tree, baking, cooking, and most of all spending time with family. I love getting cards in the mail throughout December. I love reading the updates from my family and friends. So on this Christmas Eve Eve, I want to wish you and your family a very happy holiday and share my own holiday cards.

San Diego family photographer holiday card pictures

I really need to go dig up all the Santa pictures because we’ve been going to this particular Santa since my first son was born, even before we lived in San Diego. I just went again yesterday to document Ethan’s 5th visit and Adam’s third visit with Santa. Ethan and Santa seem to finally be on good terms, but I think Adam is getting more and more traumatized by Santa as the years go on. At first he’s a little worried, but now he’s just plain freaked out. I tossed him over to Santa crying and screaming. Santa tried to distract him with a candy cane, but he wanted no part of it, so death grip by Santa it was…just like last year! Though I’m disappointed because I think this is not my regular Santa!! What do I do go back and do it all again tomorrow? I think that would definitely require some therapy for Adam.

Christmas pictures with Santa
I’m also documenting the different types of color correction (or lack thereof) the mall does as well their varying composition. haha

I spent a morning this weekend with this adorable guy. It’s amazing how fast these babies change day to day in the beginning. I’m always amazed that they start off this little!

San Diego Professional Newborn Photographer

My little boy is only 4, but he has big plans. He told me yesterday that when he gets older he’s going to move out of the house and live by himself. I was shocked and said, “Not tomorrow I hope, because you’ll be older then.” He replied, “No Mommy I’ll still be little. It’s going to be a long time before I can take care of myself.” Phew I was relieved. He then told me that when he gets older he’s going to find someone to marry. He talks about getting married a lot. At first he wanted to marry his brother because they both like Lightning McQueen. But when I explained he would have to marry someone he is not related to, he decided he would marry his friend Amy at school. However the other day at school he threw blocks at Amy’s head….accidentally. I think he’s going to have to up his game.

Professional portrait of a San Diego child
black and white photo of a san diego boy smiling