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San Diego Family Photographer took a photo of some beads

We just got back from yet another camping trip. This time I wanted to try to do some night photography. It was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, and you have a limited time to work in (if you are trying to beat the moon rise, or capture it!). So here is what I got…

The moon, nice and simple

San Diego Baby Photography

Moon rise with cloud movement.

San Diego Child Photographer moon photo

And some daylight landscapes:

I wanted to find the stereotypical Saguaro cactus, but this is the closest I came. Did you know that most of the Saguaro cacti with arms are over 75 years old? That’s how long it takes to make arms. The average number of arms on a Saguaro is 5 and those are around 200 years old. Wow.
San Diego Family Photographer

The next cactus featured is a Cholla cactus. I’ve heard many horror stories about my husband falling on one of the cholla balls as a kid. I didn’t understand it….until yesterday. The balls are just everywhere, not just sitting on these nice visible plants. Yes I brushed up against one and it stuck to my shoe like glue. Luckily it didn’t puncture through my shoes, but yikes! I now understand why they are called jumping cactus.
San Diego Family Photographer Cactus photo

This week’s theme is “feet”. Every time I tackle one of these themes I keep thinking it would be so much easier if I had a macro lens. Oh how I miss my macro lens. However my nifty fifty gets the job with a creative spin on the theme. That’s my son measuring himself on our homemade growth chart. It’s something pretty cool and I’ve been meaning to document. My husband made the chalkboard “ruler” himself. As you can see Ethan hasn’t grown much since the last time I measured.

San Diego Baby Photographer

I’m so excited to share that I have new music on my freshly updated website. After working tirelessly updating my website, I finally have new music to go along with it. I’ve been working on finding something that fit, that was fun, unique, and upbeat. Yesterday everything came together. I’m excited for everyone to check out the tunes, new galleries, and info.

Go check it out. Leila wants you too. Woof!!

Photo of a boxer dog up close

This past weekend I went camping with some friends. It’s so much fun camping with a group of friends because the kids entertain each other. There is also endless amounts of dirt and my boys like to play in the dirt. I hand them a shovel and bucket and they are good for a couple of hours. If only I had internet, electricity, and running water I would love staying there. I do love taking pictures in the desert though. Such a gorgeous backdrop, no crowds, and everyone is up with the sun so I can catch some nice lighting.

My four year old rides a motorcycle out there and this time one of his girlfriends and her family also came out to camp and ride. Lots of dirt, bikes, and food. I pulled out every lens I own and had so much fun working with my fisheye for portraits. I haven’t had the time to experiment with it. I love it!! It’s tricky composing images with it, but I love how they turned out. All in all a great weekend, but I could have done with cooler temperatures. Someone forgot to notify Mother Nature that it is January.

A San Diego child riding a quad
Photo of a Rancho Bernardo girl with a helmet on
Photo of a dog being chased by a mob of kids
Photo of a toddler riding an electric quad in the desert
A San Diego girl riding a quad
Photograph of a child riding a quad
Portrait of a child wearing a dog hat
Portrait of a boy wearing a stripe hat