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What a great story these two have. They grew up on same street, their sisters were best friends growing up, but these two were just acquaintances when her family moved away. Over two decades later, they reconnect and start dating, and are now engaged. Last week they came to San Diego for a vacation and I had the chance to take their engagement photos. Such a sweet couple and I wish them much happiness together!

San Diego Engagement Photographer

March showers bring yellow flowers….
I’ve always wanted to photograph in a field of flowers, but have yet to find one locally. (Send me a message if you know of one. I’m not picky, yellow, purple, any color!) This past weekend I met up with some photographers and I got to take pictures of two gorgeous little girls in a field of yellow flowers. I switched lenses with a friend and got to try out her 85mm. I had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again.

San Diego Children's Photographer
San Diego Family Photographer
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During every family photo session I try to get a picture of just Mom and Dad. Often Mom or Dad is the designated photographer in the family and absent from most of the photographs. So in addition to capturing the whole family, I also try to get a few photos of just Mom and Dad, alone. Great for albums, storyboards, something nice for the desk at the office or to send with your preschooler on their first day. Either way, family pictures are a great way to document the growth of your family. Here is one of a Mom and Dad to three adorable little boys.

san diego engagement photographer
Just Mom and the baby… such a sweet moment.
san diego infant photographer

A few days ago I met up with little T and his family for a fun cake smash. I just love cake smashes because each and every baby reacts differently to cake. This one was especially fun because this was T’s first ever taste of cake. He was definitely cautious about it and took his time to get into the cake. He had more fun playing the “gravity game” knocking the cake off than actually eating it.

san diego baby photographer
san diego baby cake smash photographer

It’s not often that I get time alone with my youngest and just let him play and goof off. We usually have an activity planned, errands to run, or something keeping us from just hanging out and doing whatever he wants. A few days ago we had a “just Adam day” and he wanted to play outside and ride his bike and plasma car. It was really bright outside, not a time I like to photograph because the sun is really harsh. But I wanted to document this silly guy and all the fun he was having. Of course at the end you can see he had enough of my camera. I’m surprised he put up with it as long as he did!

The first photo and last photo are also my 52 week project photos for 7/52 depth of field (f1.8) and 8/52 shutterspeed (1/2500).

San Diego Child Photographer
San Diego Child Photographer