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I have the mini van which is requirement one. Having two boys, a husband that love soccer, a dog that owns a Beckham jersey as well as a matching soccer jersey from my husband’s old adult league, it was only a matter of time before I was a full fledged soccer mom, right? I’ve embraced it. It’s actually really exciting to watch a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds swarm around the ball like bees in their matching uniforms. I also had lots of fun doing some sports photography during his games.

My kiddo is number 7, with his tongue hanging out. If you asked him what the best part of soccer was he would say, “the end of the game when you get juice boxes and run through the tunnel.”

San Diego Child Photographer

Just a quick share of a little princess I got to meet this weekend.

San Diego Newborn Photographer

I do both mini maternity sessions and full sessions. Some people wonder what a full maternity session is like. I thought I would share some images from a recent session to give you an idea. Basically it ends up being a family session and maternity session or an engagement session and maternity session. If you already have children, it’s a great way to document your family right before the baby arrives. How big the big brother or sister was, his/her personality, and just the family before the latest addition. It’s a special time when the whole family is awaiting the arrival of the new baby. For first time parents it’s a great way to document your lives before the baby arrives and the love you share.

I like to encourage people to pick places that are special to them. Places that they like to spend time, their home, etc. And if it’s your home it’s just a great way to document the house you brought your little one home to.

Here is just a sampling of the N family’s maternity session.
San Diego Maternity and Family Photographer

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. I hope you are having a great weekend with your family. Here’s a sneak peek for the B family and their Dad.
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I wanted to share some pictures from the last few months. I’ve been busy with preschool drawing to a close, the end of spring peewee soccer, potty training, class parties, and summer on the horizon.

Potty training. I like to document pretty much every milestone in my kids’ lives. Things like this also make great additions to the album I’ll pull out when his girlfriend comes over.

San Diego Child Photographer
My dog turned 7! He’s such a sweet (albeit barky) dog.
San Diego Pet Photographer
Since I decided not to have a 5th birthday party for Ethan, I decided I’d put some more effort into his birthday treats for his class. I made chocolate lego man cupcake toppers.
San Diego Photographer
We also went to visit a friend’s ranch. The boys got to see chickens, cows, horses, ducks, and sheep. They got to feed the horses carrots, pet the sheep, and moo at the cows.
San Diego Family Photographer
It was spring and so there were foals, lambs, and calves being born left and right. And it was so cool that we got to see a newly born calf, as in born in the last few hours! Everyone was really interested to see the calf, especially this horse!
San Diego Pet Photographer
And finally a before and after from the beginning and end of preschool. Yes my son is wearing his shorts backwards in September!
San Diego Child Photographer