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Just one to share from a recent family holiday photo session.

San Diego Baby Photographer

What better way to celebrate Grandma’s 70th birthday than have the whole family take a vacation together. Since it’s rare to get all 13 together, this family decided to have family photos taken to commemorate the special occasion. Here is a sneak peek of Grandma and her adorable Granddaughters.

San Diego Family Photographer

This session was a little different. It was mostly about capturing family photos and just getting Dad in some of the pictures. He is a photographer and a hazard of the job is you are rarely in the photos. I just love how happy they all look. This has motivated to get my own family photos taken!

San Diego Beach Photographer

I’ve had a number of beach sessions recently and I love them! This family was visiting from out of state. They met with me at the beginning of their vacation and then were headed off to see the sights in San Diego. I hope you had a great time on your family vacation B family!

San Diego Family Photographer

I do both mini maternity sessions and full sessions. Some people wonder what a full maternity session is like. I thought I would share some images from a recent session to give you an idea. Basically it ends up being a family session and maternity session or an engagement session and maternity session. If you already have children, it’s a great way to document your family right before the baby arrives. How big the big brother or sister was, his/her personality, and just the family before the latest addition. It’s a special time when the whole family is awaiting the arrival of the new baby. For first time parents it’s a great way to document your lives before the baby arrives and the love you share.

I like to encourage people to pick places that are special to them. Places that they like to spend time, their home, etc. And if it’s your home it’s just a great way to document the house you brought your little one home to.

Here is just a sampling of the N family’s maternity session.
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