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Here are a few pictures taken just before Halloween. Whether a superhero or a villain, I just love seeing little kids in their costumes. I’m also really surprised how quickly kids figure out trick or treating. Last year my youngest, just turning two, wasn’t too sure about knocking on a stranger’s door. This year, at age three, he was was up in the front of the pack yelling “trick or treat!!”

Though having two boys with lots of crazy energy, their mega candy stash scares me. So as I did last year, I offered them $5 (maybe $10 last year, but no one remembers, so it’s $5 this year) for their loot. They picked out five pieces of candy they wanted to keep and handed over the rest. Then I take them on a shopping spree ($5 can buy 5 hot wheels you know). They can combine their candy money or buy separately, but they are really happy to do this. Now what to do with their loot? Well after picking through my favorites and giving myself some extra energy for editing, I send it their school. They have a cool buy back program. A dentist in the area pays by the pound for the candy and donates the money to the school. So we get rid of our candy and the school gets some extra cash, a win-win!

San Diego Child Photographer
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And finally my freaked out pilot. He must have left water boiling on the stove.
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I’ve been busy busy lately with end of the school year projects, soccer practice, and potty training. I hope to catch up with blog posts, but in the meantime I’ll share something recent.

I’ve wanted to get a good picture of my two boys together, but inevitably someone is always crying, making a face, or looking away. Yesterday I felt like I won the lottery because the stars aligned and I got a picture of them together AND smiling AND with the dog! Granted you can tell Oskar is an unwilling participant, but he’ll do anything for a treat and was handsomely rewarded for the torture he endured.

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Brownie the dog is my oldest son’s favorite stuffed animal. Brownie was a gift from my husband’s Aunt a few years ago. Back then he was played with, but around age two Brownie got his name with the help of Grandpa, and then he became essential at bedtime. Brownie is a master traveler, going camping with us, and spending the night at Grandma’s on occasion. Ethan wanted to do a session with Brownie, and I was happy to oblige. Anything that gets my kids in front of the camera I’m all for. And what a great way to document one of his favorite things. The blanket he is snuggling with has been a favorite since he was a baby. Coincidentally, my Aunt knitted “her” and gave that to Ethan before he was born. It is his absolute most favorite thing ever and has gone on every. single. trip. ever. However Brownie is gaining in popularity but GB, our nickname for “green blanket”, is his go to lovey when he needs some consoling. Adam also loves Brownie and wanted to have some pictures with him too. And of course I talked them both into some pictures alone.

San Diego Child Photographer documenting childhood memories

And here is an oldie but goodie snapshot of GB in her youth and Ethan at just a year old.
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I’m doing things a bit out of order. The other day I shared the storyboards from this little guy’s one year session. Now I’m backtracking to show you the photos from his cake smash. While the storyboards are the big reason parents opt for a cake smash, the individual pictures themselves are super cute too. Check out baby S, already a year old!

San Diego Family Photographer for Cake Smashes

Cake smash storyboards are some of my favorite storyboards to make. There are so many fun, unique expressions to highlight, and each child reacts so differently! Here is a recent and awesome outdoor smash session.

San Diego Baby Photographer
I thought I would also share a couple of other storyboards from recent sessions as well. Storyboards are one of my favorite ways to display images. Hanging frames can be tedious…finding cool picture frames, a neat arrangement, and finally hanging everything just right and straight! I think this is why storyboards are so popular with my clients. They come in various sizes and can be displayed on an easel, hung on a wall, and/or framed. They come in a variety of different formats from mounted prints, canvas, float wraps, wood mounted, standouts etc. See this post for more details and inspiration for your photographs.


And this is one of my clients that I had the privledge of documenting for his newborn session, 7 month session, and just recently his one year session. I cannot believe he is already a year old and walking. Last time I saw him he was just learning to sit up. Time flies, but I’m so glad we captured all these milestones of the sleepy newborn, bubbly just sitting up seven month old, and finally the walking birthday boy.

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