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For my birthday I wanted to go scouting out new locations. Last time I did an urban session was downtown and it was so much fun!! So I decided to take my boys out for an “urban” session. Unfortunately I didn’t get to capture what I envisioned. I would say stand and they would sit. I would ask them to stand over there, and they would turn around. My two year old just loves saying no all the time and pouting. It’s his new thing and I can’t wait for the phase to pass!

As for my location scouting, we didn’t find much because we got hungry and decided to stop for a birthday lunch and then went home for a birthday nap. A good consolation prize for sure.

children in San Diego on skateboard
black and white photo of san diego child
San Diego kids sitting on skateboard outdoors

I had an awesome time today shooting with two fellow photographers Sophie and Gwen. We were scoping out locations and getting some new shots for our respective webpages. It was weird, but kind of fun being in front of the camera for a change.
We definitely attracted some attention from passerbys. One wanted his picture taken with us, and quite a few struck up a conversation with us. We even had onlookers from balconies above. I’m sure it didn’t help that there were three of us running around, and sometimes laying down in the middle of the street (dodging cars).
I can’t wait to do more urban sessions. I really love the different post processing I can do with urban sessions. Plus it’s fun to try something new and different. So who’s up for it?? :)
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